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Organic Respiratory Respite Herbal Bath Salts / Bath Tea

Organic Respiratory Respite Herbal Bath Salts / Bath Tea

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This refreshing blend offers relief from inflammation, congestion, tension and sore muscles. It's a must-have for those suffering from seasonal allergies, cold and flu symptoms. Weary athletes will also benefit from this herbal bath salt blend.

Epsom Salt
Menthol Crystals
Dead Sea Mineral Salt
Organic Moringa Leaves
Organic Mint Leaves
Organic Linden Flowers and Leaves

The ingredients work in tandem to reduce inflammation throughout the respiratory system, soothe irritation and sore muscles due to coughing, sneezing and exertion. Additional benefits for the skin include enhanced moisture, antioxidants, and collagen proteins. Linden has a soothing effect on the nervous system.

Pour desired amount of herbal bath salt blend directly into the bath tub, or use with our 4"x6" soft burlap bath tea bags.

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