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Custom Organic Herbal Tea + Consultation

Custom Organic Herbal Tea + Consultation

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Your unique body requires a unique tea! The process begins with a one-on-one, 25-minute consultation with a Master Herbalist. At this time, you can let us know the health benefits that you'd like to receive as well as your flavor preferences. We will then customize a tea to meet your needs. A list of ingredients will be provided for you, ideal for reviewing with your trusted clinician.

Herbal teas provide a range of benefits for our bodies. These organic, plant-based, caffeine-free teas harness the power of plants' nutrients, minerals, and other vital ingredients to service every system of our body. All of our bodies’ systems– immune, digestive, respiratory, nervous, lymphatic, circulatory and seven others–can receive the nourishing benefits of herbs. Herbs have been used for millennia to support, repair, and strengthen our bodies.

Volume varies. Each bag holds approximately 8oz / 45 teaspoon servings OR 16oz / 90 teaspoon servings! When consuming tea for health support, it is recommended to enjoy about 3 cups per day. Each blend is crafted by a certified master herbalist.


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