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Custom Essential Oil Blend + Private Consultation

Custom Essential Oil Blend + Private Consultation

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Your unique body requires a unique essential oil blend! The process begins with a one-on-one, 25-minute consultation with a certified aromatherapy health practitioner (CAHP). At this time, you can let us know the health benefits that you'd like to receive as well as your aroma preferences. We will then customize a blend to meet your needs. A list of ingredients will be provided for you, ideal for reviewing with your trusted clinician.

Our high quality, pure therapeutic grade essential oils exceed international organic certifications. We source our essential oils from plants grown in their native environments under strict purity guidelines. Custom essential oil blends allow you to personalize your wellness experience.

Essential oils come in a 10ml biophotonic glass steel roller bottle, which better preserves the essential oils for up to 2 years. Biophotonic glass protects the chemical constituents (including the aroma!) from degrading due to exposure to light, heat and air. A translucent glass option is also available.


After completing your purchase, schedule a phone consultation with our herbalist:

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