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Deeply Rooted Yoga + Wellness

Affinity Self-Care Herbal Tea, Loose Leaf

Affinity Self-Care Herbal Tea, Loose Leaf

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Each blend is crafted by a Master Herbalist.

This herbal blend promotes wellness, self love, and a dash of personal luxury! This nourishing tea blend facilities  mental clarity, a sense of ease, hormonal balance, and healthy digestion with properties for healthy skin, hair, and nails as an added bonus. Its regal purple hue creates a luxurious mood at any time of day!

Butterfly Pea Flower
*Raspberry Leaf
*Lady's Mantel
Rose Hips

Herbal remedies such as teas provide a range of benefits for our bodies. These organic, plant-based, caffeine-free teas harness the power of plants' nutrients, minerals, and other vital ingredients to service our bodies and minds. These blends were crafted with women in mind! 

*organic ingredient

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