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ADHA Support Essential Oil, 10ml Steel Roller Bottle

ADHA Support Essential Oil, 10ml Steel Roller Bottle

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All blends created by a Certified Aromatherapy Health Practitioner.

Ease the symptoms ADD and ADHA with this essential oil blend that supports neurological, cognitive, and adrenal function. The ingredients work in tandem to promote mental clarity, a healthy sense of focus and calm. Though this blend is not a sedative, it may also improve your quality of sleep by alleviating strain on the nervous system.

hemp seed oil
fractionated coconut oil

It comes in a 10ml biophotonic OR translucent glass bottle. Both are durable, protective glass. The biophotonic glass, however, is UV-protective with a BPA-free cap and a steel roller ball. Biophotonic glass preserves the integrity and aroma of the essential oils. The translucent glass is the more economic option that provides some protection from oxidation and UV degradation.

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