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Herbal Tea for Grief

Grief comes in many forms, and is caused by a variety of stressors in our lives. From global events to the loss of a beloved pet, heartache can make us feel powerless, lost, sad, and so many emotions at once!

The following tea includes adaptogenic and nervine herbs to soothe the nervous system and mitigate the effects of grief. 

Tulsi + Hibiscus Tea (at least 5 min prep)

This naturally sweet and flavorful tea is packed with beneficial properties. 

To me, Tulsi is the mother of all herbs. It is an adaptogenic herb that balances the adrenal glands and removes excess cortisol from the bloodstream. Also known as “holy basil,” tulsi helps to elevate the mood. It also bolsters the immune system, which is weakened by stress hormones in the body. (It does so much more, but those properties are most relevant to heart healing and grief.)

Hibiscus helps to moderate blood pressure, which is often elevated during times of high stress. It contains antioxidants, which protect our bodies against free radicals that destroy our cells. Free radicals are major culprits behind diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease which are exacerbated by stress. Hibiscus also lowers inflammation, a common stress-response in the body.

Play with the ratios of the blend based on your flavor preferences. I recommend starting with half tulsi and half hibiscus. Steep 2 tsp of herb in 8oz of simmered water. Steep for 5 minutes. Strain the herbs and enjoy the tea hot or iced.

Purchase organic hibiscus for your tea.

Purchase organic tulsi for your tea.

Along with herbal remedies, remember to move your body in ways that feel good to you. Movement releases hormones that can elevate your mood and minimize the physical sensations of grief, such as tightness in the jaw, shoulders, chest, abdomen and hips. Dancing, yoga asana, walking / hiking, and skating are all excellent options. 

A trauma-conscious yoga teacher assists you through strategic movement practices. The customized practice addresses how grief feels in your body, as well as effective ways of releasing those sensations. You can also learn breathing exercises and visualizations to help you navigate life’s challenges. Learn more about trauma-conscious private yoga classes. 

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